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2017 GSL LIVE.
2017 GSL in 1080p! Only on AfreecaTV.
Every Wednesday at 01:30 PST & Every Friday at 20:00 PST.
At this season's GSL with StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, AfreecaTV will be hosting the global broadcasts at FreecUP Studio, where an on-site event will commence.

FreecUP Studio 2nd Floor 626, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Total Prize \170,000,000 (est. $140,000 USD)

The Winner \40,000,000 (est. $33,000 USD)
2nd Place \15,000,000 (est. $12,000 USD)

Event1. Attendance Giveaway!

Participate by checking-in during the live broadcast. For Mobile - Automatically participate by entering the live channel.

Instant Event
Every time you tune into a live match, you will receive 1 Bonus STAR
Season Event
10 randomly selected users who have watched the entire season during its live broadcasts will receive a $100 Amazon gift card

Event2. Guess today’s winner!

Participate at the Brackets section of our event page.

Instant Event
You will receive 1 Bonus STAR per winner that you predict correctly.
Season Event
The user that has predicted the most match winners will receive 10 Bonus STAR and $100 Amazon gift card.


Only users with AfreecaTV accounts can participate.
Instant Event Bonus STAR will be immediately transferred to your account after winning the event.
Season Event Bonus STAR and Amazon gift cards will be distributed following an announcement of the winners on the 'notice' section of our website after the season has ended.
Bonus STAR can only be given as gifts to broadcasters, and cannot be exchanged for cash.